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Welcome to La Bottega Zen

La Bottega Zen is an artisan tailor's shop, my name in the Dharma is Ekō Shujō and I am a nun of the Soto Zen school.

I'm specialized in clothing and accessories for Zen Meditation, Shiatsu, and for martial arts in particular for Aikido.

All products are the result of an in-depth study of the traditions and necessary details for their use in the practice of these disciplines.

The craftsmanship of La Bottega Zen allows you to have a customized product but this will require a bit of time for delivering.

My knowledge of Zen practice, the world of Shiatsu and Martial Arts, combined with my know-how as a dressmaker and also my passion for these disciplines assures you the best quality and efficient personalized service.

La Bottega Zen wishes you happiness and good fulfillment in your practice.

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